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9 Best Gaming Laptop Under 800 2016

Game nowadays becomes a very popular that can be seen from there are many kinds of online gaming that are offered with many kinds of features of the advanced technology used to the game lovers. Playing game is not only about how to refresh your mind of juts playing to entertain when there is free time. But now, game has become the great hobby in which there is called addicted game. People playing game usually they are using Smartphone and mostly using laptop. For those of you who really love to play game on your laptop, surely you will need the laptop that has the special feature and specification that support you to be able to play game well. Surely, it is not a kind of regular laptop used, in this article, it will give the important information for you especially games in choosing the best gaming laptop with the affordable price offered, it is 9 best gaming laptop under 800. Check it out!!!

DELL 17.3 16GB 2TB Best Gaming Laptop Under 800

For game lover, you can choose this best gaming laptop under 800 as the choice to be able to play game. This laptop is completed by the specification with AMD A8 7410 of Quad Core 2.2 Ghz in which it is able to go up to 2.5 GHz by using the Turbo mode that is combined with RAM of 16 GB and hard drive of 2000 GB. The large memory that is provided is able to make this laptop very easy and fast to be upgraded to the maximal upgrades surely with an amazing and powerful result.

Besides, with the outstanding memory that is provided and huge of 2 TB Super-Fast SATA hard drivers in this laptop for best gaming laptop under 800, it surely will be able to hold many of thousand data as like pictures, song, and many kinds of other data within. Besides, the LCD wide that is provided with 17.3 inches with the high resolution will make you easier in playing any kinds of video games as like modern welfare, Diablo 3, Crysis 3, Dota 2, world of warcraft, and many kinds of video game without any kinds of problem. This laptop also completed with other machine features as like DVD burner, USB port, Webcam. And for the battery there is a guarantee of I year.

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LENOVO Y50 59418222 16 inch gaming Laptop

Lenovo Y 50 is the best gaming laptop under 800 that can be a great choice for you. It is designed with the high quality performnce of notebook that is combined with the display of HD resolution with many kinds of features as like audio premium, the technology of latest processor and the technology of graphic that are really the ideal features for gaming.

For more of this items details, this laptop is completed by the features if Intel Core i5-4200 H 2.8 Ghz of processor. The RAM that is provided is available for 8 GB DDR3 RAM and the hard drive is 1 TB 5400 rpm with 8 GB of solid state drive. About the screen, it is provided for 15.6 inches that will support to enjoy game with the wide screen with NVIDIA GTX 860 M of 2 GB graphics. This laptop also have battery with 8.1 for 4 hours of battery life that makes you be able to play game without having to charge due to long life battery provided.

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Newest DELL inspiration 15.6 inches

This laptop has the Intel Core processor with i5 5200U that have the speed 2.2 GHz and the turbo boost up to 2.7 GHz. The RAM memory provided is 4 GB DDR3L 1600 M. for the hard drive and multimedia drivers; there are 500 GB with 5400 of rpm hard drive and tray load of DVD Drive. For the slot of multimedia is 3 in 1 of media card reader and 3.0 of USB. For audio and graphics, there is NVIDIA GeForce 820 M 2 GB and audio stereo speaker plus maxx audio that can give the boom sound for you to playing game.

Besides, for features of connectivity, there are WIFI, RJ 45 Ethernet that will make you be able to connect to the internet easily. The others are dual band, modem, Bluetooth, slot ports, HDMI. For the battery applied to this kind of laptop is 40 WHR 4 cells of removable battery. This battery life is up to 6.5 hours. For operating system that is applied is windows 10 home 64 bit in which it will make you be able to operate this laptop.

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Acer Aspire 5000 15.6 inches  i5 Laptop Under 800

It is designed with the new of the fifth generation of Intel can create the premium of performance and visual stunning, this i5 processors can work with the power in order to take the a new level of computing. This laptop is designed with the wireless technology 802.11 ac that has the speed three times faster for the performance. When it is connected to router, this laptop will be able to connect everything to go online for video gaming streaming in a very faster and reliable speed for you. This is a really great performance for you who want to do video gaming streaming because the faster performance will make you enjoy the game.

About the other specification, this best gaming laptop under 800 has the graphic 940 M of graphic that is combined with 4 GB of video memory discrete in which it is able to give to the games for an adrenaline shot to get a wonderful shot performance that is so stunning visual and futuristic. It is really recommended for gamers to get the real player, a heart pounding game as like you on the cinema visual to play all of kinds of your favorite games every day.

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ASUS GL 551 Laptop Under 800

This best gaming laptop under 800, ASUS is completed with the description of the products including 15.6 inches of black laptop screen in which it makes you be able to play the video game is a large screen provided, besides, Intel core i7 4710 HG with 2.5 Ghz Haswell. For the features that are offered is Bluetooth, windows 8.1 and many others especially for you. The aluminum body applied makes this laptop so strong and durable with the battery I year warranty.


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ACER Aspire V Nitro Windows 10

This best gaming laptop under 800 is applied with maximal memory that is very suitable for those of you who needs a computer to play video game. To play video game, surely you will need a big amount of memory to support many kinds of video games. This laptop is completed with memory maximal supporting up to 32 GB. With the screen provided is 15.6 inches makes you be able to see a huge game cinema on it. For the operating system that is applied is windows 10 home 65 bit.

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ACER Aspire E5 573 G Full HD LED

Acer best gaming laptop under 800 is categorized as the high level specification for laptop. This is used the fifth generation of core i5 5200U processor 2.2 GHz with the boost turbo technology that can up to 2.7 Hz. Besides, the wide screen is 15.6 inches of Full HD with LED backlit display, 1 TB SATA Hard drive5400 RPM, WIFI featuring and battery 2500 MAH.

This Acer new gaming laptop is a kind of new series that provide to you the most comprehensive range choice is every time users need. This laptop is also completed by many kinds of appealing of design and features that has the high value of aesthetic that can make this laptop beyond of expectations. For the incredible performance and the convenient connectivity that you will see by operating this surely it is a deal for a gaming laptop.

The effects that can be resulted by this best gaming laptop under 800 with the wide screen ration, it can deliver an optimal view for users. This laptop is also completed by eyes control in which usually people who are playing game for spending much time will get the monitor through their eyes. The effect it can make the bad effect for eyes health but by using this, you do not need to be worry because there is provided ACER Bluelight Shield technology that is able to protect the eyes from any potential to be harmed by the emission of blue light by reducing the strain of eyes and fatigue that can happen to an extended period.

Besides, there is also NVIDIA GeForce 940 M of graphic with 2 GB of discrete memory video that is able to give a great of shot adrenaline to play video games that you like. This can provide to you a great futuristic cinema performance with the graphic visual sunning and surely you will feel the sensation. For battery life is also long that makes you easier in playing game without having problem about battery anymore.

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ASUS K501 UX Gaming Laptop 15.6 Inch

This kind of best gaming laptop under 800 is designed especially for those of you who need to compute every day. It is designed with the boast clean of metallic which is portable with the match performance applied. Besides, it is also using the featuring of the latest of Intel core i7 processor with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 M in which it is able to give the HD streaming video for you. You also will be able very easily to run the programs in a faster way without getting any kinds of hiccup. The exclusive cooling level that is applied also will help you to make sure that your laptop stay in a nice and cool temperature in order to get the great quality of computing.

This gaming laptop consists of 15.6 inches for the wide screen that is provided to you. There is 15.6 inches for full of anti-glare to make this so simple to display and the classy brush with the aluminum design applied. For keyboard, it is provided the full sized Chiclets with backlights. The processor that is used is Intel core i7 with 8 GB for memory with 256 BG of solid storage state. You will not get any internet connectivity problem due to the generation of 802.11 ac will give you faster performance connectivity. Besides, it is also provided for 1 year of accidental of protection for any damage.

By the features that are so advanced and complete, you will be able to do the great presentation for any kinds of work, you also be able to enjoy every time movies that you want to watch with a high definition of games that you want to play. The battery life that is so great will makes you are able to get the great performance with the battery boost provided to you.

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DELL inspiration Gaming Laptop Windows 10

The last information about best gaming laptop under 800 for you is DELL premium laptop that has the great manufactures and features applied. You can see at the whole of performance with the nice and great of power, productivity and power, you will not need to do any kinds of buffers time that can make you feel so frustrated because windows 10 performance is the most popular for the operating system with the great of quality improvement by providing many kinds of features especially for you.

About the speed that you need in order to get the best gaming laptop to have, windows 10 is able to start up and also resume in a very fast without having any buffer activity that makes you wait so long among you and the video game that you play. You will be able to update for every latest and new game provided with the great features so soon. Besides, you also be able to play so many games because there are many kinds of great Xbox games that will be available in your fingertip. With this PC laptop, you will be able to build the support by using Xbox controller.

There is also with Direct X 12 technology that can break down any kinds of boundaries and step for going to your game with the graphic that is so stunning visually and also with providing of windows 10 API, this can be armed to get the features that surely will provide to you the best and the quickest for processing in the real time in order to be able to generate the FPS higher with the richer graphic as well as to reduce the power used so that you will be able to play longer. Those are the information about best gaming laptop under 800 that may be the great information for you to choose the best laptop for gaming.




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    Users who would like to aspire to that level someday should look for a gaming laptop with a discrete graphics card. At this price finding one with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M shouldn’t be easy.

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