10 Best 17 inch Laptop 2016

There is no day without laptop. Laptop is an easy to bring machine which can be used for everything. Whether you are a worker, businessman, functionary, student or other, you will need a laptop due to its multifunction. It can support every purpose with always updated feature and specification. No wonder, there are various laptop coming from different famous brands like Apple, Asus, Lenovo, HP, Acer and more other. Such brands have dominated the market with the numerous laptops with different inches, such as 10 inch, 11 inch, 13 inch, 15 inch and 17 inch. Here, we will review best 17 inch laptop to be your reference before buying the new one.

Asus ROG GL 752VW-DH71 best 17 inch laptop

We have observed wide range of best 17 inch laptop and we get 10 best 17 inch laptop to review here. The first laptop is Asus ROG GL 752VW-DH71 which is known with its powerful performance in gaming. It is powered with a 6th generation quad-core processor with Intel Corei7 inside. There is also GL752VW for amazing load times with quicker data transfers. Although it is supported with high-spec technology for gaming, this laptop comes with eye-catching aesthetics. There are lines with fighter inspiration coming with a powerful and dynamic stance. This 17 inch laptop has unique design standing out and include the best gaming laptop under 1000.

The electronic product is also amazing for every feature it brings. It is equipped with strengthened keyboard which is one piece and it is actually reinforced with almost 100 points of solder for solid feel and durability. The WASD keys which are specifically designed can help you in anchoring your hands whenever you have been ready to play game. There is also built in Audio Excellence through its Audio Wizard and SonicMaster. This high-fidelity crystal clear audio will provide five presets for popular genres of game that immerse you in great game worlds ever.


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HP Pavilion 17 inch Laptop

HP presents its newest product, which is HP Pavilion as its best 17 inch laptop you can consider. It has been ready to operate with Windows 10 64-bit since you start using it. It works well with its Intel Core i3-5020U as the processor. With the system and features it brings, the computing performance in HD processing will always accompany your work with it. For the memory, it includes 6GB DDR3L SDRAM system memory to give you faster processing. The Hard Drive it uses is ITB SATA with 5400rpm for the ample space of file storage.

As one of best 17 inch laptop brands HP also gives great work to the display and the other included components. It features 17.3” HD display in which the resolution is 1600×900 to support HD movies or games with impressive clarity and color. Meanwhile, HP glossy screen for bright view maintains its vivid colors within your videos and photos. The Pavilion is definitely completed with Optical Drive including SuperMulti burner of DVDCD. This feature can either read or write various media formats such as DVD+R/RW, CD-R/RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-R/RW and DVD with double layer. For the graphics, this laptop comes with Intel HD 5500.


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Lenovo Z70 17 Inch Laptop

The third laptop to offer as best 17 inch laptop is Lenovo Z70. This affordable laptop is the option for them who are looking for a big joy of entertainment. Equipped with a powerful Intel processing with cutting edge, discrete graphics of NVIDIA, JBL speakers with excellent sound from Dolby audio and brilliant display, it is truly the ideal PC for entertainment. For the speakers with JBL design and Advanced Audio by Dolby will increase the audio-clarity level and you will get maximized output of volume without distortion. Also, the immersive sound experience from the stereo speakers will give a crisp and clear audio enhancement.

For you who are looking for best 17 inch laptop for Windows 10 this laptop is an ideal choice for you. Coming with Windows 10 operating system, actually it has numerous similarities to that of Windows 7. You will spend more time to do and less time to learn with its classic features that returns like Start menu and newest features like universal access for apps, simplified navigation and also introducing your personal assistant, which is Cortana. Optimized for operating the new interface of Windows, there is intelligent touchpad enabling easy zoom, rotate and scroll functions for the comfortable control.


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Alienware AW17R3-1675SLV 17.3-Inch Laptop

Alienware AW 17R3-4175SLV is lighter and thinner than any best 17 inch laptop that we have reviewed before. This laptop is perfectly crafted with carbon filled surfaces inspired by aerospace for durability and stiffness while copper sinks of heat will enable great cooling. Powered with high-performance Intel processors coming from the latest generation and also offering Thunderbolt3 technologies and a new support of USB with Type-C for 10bps SuperSpeed, the Alienware has been designed for providing you the most excited experience on its impressive screen.

Another benefit from the Alienware 17” is that the laptop has been built for your intense gaming. Having more power, the 17 inch laptop automatically monitors and overclocks internal temperatures for making your system stay cool during delivering its great performance and hot action whenever you need. Through its big screen, you can enjoy sophisticated IPS (in-plane switching) LCD technology offering stunningly clarity and clear color. Enjoy also its pixel density to provide extra wide angels for viewing and astonishing clarity of color. As well as the display, fury and sound features greatly in the laptop. It is impressive audio that is powered by Creative X-Fif technology for sound blaster.


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Dell Inspiron i5759 17 Inch Laptop

The Dell 17 inch laptop is of the best laptop series having undeniable performance. It comes with power player including web pages, apps and games that are fired up with Intel Core coming from 6th generation for stunning visuals and premium performance. The laptop has also sizable storage to provide plenty of space to store numerous files, photos and more. Because it can stay unplugged in longer time, you can use the laptop without getting worried to charge sooner. Great life of battery means that you will be able to go longer between charges.

Dell Inspiron i5759 gives you advanced media center with vivid color, high-quality sound and built-in entertainment. With amazing true color, it allows you to determine color saturation based on your personal preference. You can adjust vibrant and rich to more muted color for tailoring your display’s tone and color suiting your needs. It also features high-quality sound as well as studio sound whether you are streaming, chatting or mixing. MaxxAudio will deliver higher highs, lower lows and excellent audio performance. Furthermore, built-in feature of entertainment allows you to watch your DVDs, load applications and software or bun CDs fast onto your personal desktop through an internal disc drive.


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Acer Predator 17 G9-791-735A

Acer Predator has been designed for everyone needing a speed gaming notebook. Absolutely, this laptop combines NVIDIA graphics of GeForce with high performance and powerful Intel Core processor from 6th generation to ensure amazing gaming experiences and powerful performance. Advanced stellar audio and cooling capabilities greatly support intense sessions of gaming while the black chassis coming with geometric lines and sporting accents of red enhance the dram. The colorful accents of red also represent speed and passion while creating a dynamic effect of visual. With its bold highlights, dynamic geometry and confident angles you will confidently use it in style everywhere you bring it.

Inside, the backlit keyboard of Predator ProZone glows in within red and it aids every gamer when gaming with dimly light rooms. Also, the spacious keyboard includes programmable keys and four backlight zones which are customizable. Macro buttons and a number pad make every gamer control the laptop they deserve. For the game audio, Acer gives SoundPound feature coming from a combination of audio features which include four speakers, Dolby Audio sound and two subwoofers to deliver an immersive surround sensation and superior sound which is clear and rich.


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Toshiba Satellite C75-C7130 17 Inch Laptop

Toshiba Satellite C75 offers you stunning visuals and premium performance to give you affordable 17” laptop. This best 17 inch laptop is supported with Intel Core i3 which is the 5th generation of the processor having the great power to change your way to compute. With its bright and big screen which is 17.3 inch, the widescreen HD display will give you many rooms for working and it can deliver excellent contras and color for watching, playing, browsing creating and any other function. Actually, this amazing laptop has been designed to feel the experience of Windows 10 with its customized features and smart performance.

The Satellite C75 also features Cortana which becomes your truly digital assistant that works across your device of Windows 10 to make everything done easily. Toshiba is the only laptop choice that features a keyboard key which is dedicated for Cortana with multidirectional microphones giving you greater clarity of voice. Such microphone makes your voice be heard very clearly even you are in very noisy environments. Since it is equipped with a great hard drive space which is 750GB, it will make you easy to store any of your important documents, music libraries, special photos, favorite apps and more in your laptop.


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Acer Aspire E17 17 Inch Laptop

Another best 17 inch laptop is Acer Aspire E17 delivering an excellent experience of mobile PC for a truly value. Its handy tools of media, convenient connectivity and incredible performance make your daily computing become a simple pleasure. It is practical but it has stylish design coming from wide ranges of screen sizes to choose any model fitting your best. Coming with only 6 pounds of weight and only 1 inch thin, this laptop is included as an ultra slim laptop to have. Its unique patter and elegant curvature adds stylish impression to the pure and uncluttered design having carefully crafted detail.

As one of the best sophisticated laptops recommended Acer Aspire E 17 is an effortless daily-use laptop. It features Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC) on your device to make your cloud storage capacity extremely big with ultimate security and privacy. With the BYOC Apps the laptop wirelessly get access and synch to your wonderful digital life. While it comes with 6th Intel Core processor, the processing power will take your computing activity to the higher level to allow you play harder and work smarter.


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MSI GL72 17 Inch Laptop

MSI GL72 becomes the next best 17 inch laptop which is dedicated for better experience. It will give you as the gamer to compete gorgeously on stage and be nicely broadcasted on a giant screen with huge crowds. The dreams of gaming are brought into reality and it is fantastic for the average gamer by the eSports experience offered by MSI. Actually, this is one of the ways from MSI to give you an unforgettable experience of gaming. MSI has been committed to helping many of the gaming community with face to face connection to its fans in the gaming show.

The GL72 laptop of MSI utilize technology which is developed originally for all of fighter jets in which Nahimic bring your impression into the unforgettable battle with virtual 7.1 sound within bullet, explosion and very high definition for every footstep to be in detail. The game is intensified by reducing exterior pollution of noise and boosting bass for optimum comprehension and voice clarity. It is also equipped with an audio recorder with high definition to capture easily and stream sound with studio quality. For the extended game you can play longer due to efficiently and intelligently designed cooling system from Cooler Boost 3. It will draw heat away to reduce heat significantly and boost heat dissipation to give you a stable experience of gaming.


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Lenovo Y700 17 Inch Laptop

Lenovo Y700 becomes the last best 17 inch laptop which is reviewed here. This IdeaPad 700 is an excellent laptop for gaming with its quad-core processor, complete experience of multimedia with full display of HD, subwoofer and surround sound and discrete graphics. You don’t need to worry if the competition becomes heating up since the thermal cooling feature is really great for any serious gaming. You will feel the incredible sound because the laptop features Dolby Home Theater and JBL speakers to bring your world with an immersive audio. It really equips you through clearer and realistic sounds for sensational experience.

For the digital arena, surely your gear will hold the survival key. Along with a huge hard drive and FHD display, the Y70o will brings discrete graphics of NVIDIA as multiple and standard ports for any gaming peripherals. While the action of gaming intensifies the screen, there are thermal fans to keep the thing cool and nice under hood. With awesome graphics, performance-boosting choices and serious power, it will give you your best ammunition to be successful on every step you do.



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