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8 Best Laptops Under 400 2016

Nowadays, Laptops or portable computer can be one of the important devices for majority of people. Laptop is a portable device which can be utilized to support and help the work of people. Nowadays, there are a lot of models of laptops which are released with various sizes features. If you want to pick up the best laptops under 400, you should take into consideration of the features, the prices, and specs. In this chance, there are some of the considerations which can be used if you want to buy the cheap laptops under 400. Besides that, there are 8 laptops under 400 which can be chosen for those who want to have the cheap laptops with high quality of features and specs.

Considerations of Choosing Perfect Laptops under 400

Selecting the right laptops or the other portable devices may not be simple and easy as well as you chooses the right car for your daily transportation. Moreover, you need to select the best laptops under 400. There are some points that need to keep in mind, than just considering of the features and the performances. If you are a computer lover, or even an IT expert, it may not be hard to buy the right laptop which costs under $400.

There are several parts that build one unit of best laptop under 400 and all of those parts must be in the highest quality to make sure that the durability and performance of the laptops are ok. Of course, if you are going to purchase laptops, you need to ensure that the laptops are durable. Here are several points which can be thought if you want to buy the best laptop with limited cost.

The first point that you should take when purchasing best laptops under 400 is the size of the laptop. You should take into consideration of the laptop size. Besides that, you also should be aware of the laptop weight. The laptop size means the screen size measured across the screen diagonally. You should remember that you can pick a light laptop first. Besides that, you can also choose the smaller screen if you want to have the compact design. Typically, the laptops measure from 11” up to 13 “. You can take the heavier laptop and bigger screen sizes for getting the sophisticated programs.

The second point is the processor of the laptop. The laptops’ processors carry out the standard program which runs instructions on the laptop. You can choose the best laptops under 400 which minimally use the model of core i3 processor or the other processors. Most of the basic programs usually do not require the high requirement of the processor so that you can avoid upgrading the laptop processor if you just run on the standard programs or basic computer applications. In contrast, you have to upgrade the processor when you want to own a laptop that run on the advanced programs and games, like editing video and playing sophisticated games.

Another point that should be applied if you are going to buy the best laptops under 400 is memory storage. Nowadays, majority of portable computers are equipped with the big capacity of memory storage. You could choose the laptops which own the memory storage from 320 up to 500 GB. The range capacity of memory is sufficient for those who want to store the basic files, like: videos, films, documents, music, and so on. If you require more space of memory, you could buy the external memory storage or external hard disk to provide more memory space in your laptops. You can buy the external hard disk separately.

The next point is the laptop durability. Most of laptop users often break the laptop unintentionally. Because of that, you can put the laptops in the right areas after you use it. You should also pick the laptops which provide durability. You can take the laptop with sturdy spare parts. Since this portable computer is grouped as one of the electronic devices, it is slightly hard to choose or test the laptops which last longer. You could purchase the laptop which gain positive reviews from the users (several best laptops under 400 will be showed below).

The other points are price and performance. Computer hardware not only affects the laptop design but also affects the performance of the laptop. Today, there are a lot of highest quality of chips which are powerful enough to maintain and handle the 3D games and video editing. Nevertheless, the laptops usually own the slightly expensive prices.

If you are going to purchase the laptops, you should decide the purpose of having the laptops. If you need your laptop for basic computing needs, you could pick the laptop which costs lower. However, if you are going to own best laptop under 400 that enable you to handle video editing and gaming, you have to allocate more cost.

The last point that you should take if you want to buy the best laptops under 400 is screen and sound. Entertainment, including movies is the main need for most of laptop users’ experience, especially students so it needs to keep in mind of selecting display sizes and display quality. Screen resolution isn’t everything for this portable computer, but it is important to give effect of the picture quality.

In addition, the sound quality is also a must if you like to listening to music. Majority of laptops are equipped with the best sound quality and the sound can provide the crisp sounds. The sound quality of laptop also should have the sound clarity. However, the bass which is produced sometimes is not powerful. Bass effect can be the primary side which becomes downside of the laptop sounds. Those are points which should be applied when you want to buy best laptop under 400. Besides that, there are nine laptops which are fit for the users who have limit cost. Here are they.

Top Nine Best Laptops Under 400

There are nine best laptops which have the cost less than 400 and all of the laptops meet the requirements of prices, durability, monitor screen, performance, weight and the other criteria. you may choose the model of laptops which are often owned by most of gamers, especially when you are interested of running advanced programs and sophisticated games, such as: need for speed games, pro evolution soccer 2016 games, graphic design software, video editing software, or the other games and applications that require more memory capacity and more power of processor than the basic laptops. Here are the top nine laptops under 400 that can work not only for running basic office work but also for running low-medium games.

HP STREAM 11 Best Laptops Under 400

HP Stream 11.6-Inch Convertible Touchscreen LaptopIf you only own the limited cost, less than $400 and you do not want to purchase a chrome book, you can take into consideration of HP Stream 11. This portable computer is equipped with windows 8.1. This laptop also has an affordable price. This laptop is so appealing and it is featured with 365 personal Microsoft offices that are free-available for the subscription. In addition, this laptop is also featured by One drive Cloud and the cloud is measured 1 TB so you are able to store all files, such as: music, videos, and photos in your portable computer.

Besides the powerful performance, this computer device is also manufactured in lightweight slim dimension to carry around and put in your soft case. The screen display of this laptop is 11.6 inches and the screen is not too worse if you are going to watch HD movie. The DTs stereo is also equipped in this laptop and it is loud and great enough. There is also webcam available. The laptop performance is backed with RAM measuring 2 GB and the processor is 2.16 G Hz Intel Celeron N2840. The combination of that Ram and Processor will be able to allow you not only conducting your office work but also playing sophisticated games

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Toshiba Chromebook 2 Laptop Under 400

Toshiba Chromebook 2Another best laptop under 400 is Toshiba Chromebook 2. The cost of this portable computer is not too cheap but it is quite expensive. Nevertheless, this laptop has the excellent performance and work. This laptop is intended as not only entertainment laptop but also a work tool laptop. This Toshiba laptop could be the right choice since you are able to operate the operating system of Chrome. This portable computer is also equipped with screen display measuring 13.3 inches and its colors are impressive. This laptop is also shinny enough when you operate the laptop in the outdoor. This laptop is also completed with a Skullcandy tuned of speaker that provides the loud and crisp sound.

Another excellent point of this portable computer is cloud storage drive which measures up to 100GB and of course, the drive can be used to store all of your files. Nevertheless, you should connect this computer device into internet if you want to beneficiate the free storage of cloud. However, this laptop could not run on several programs, like: Skype, iTunes, and VLC because it is originated with Chrome Operating system. Intel Celeron Processor with 4GB RAM is also featured in this laptop and you will experience the powerful performance of this laptop. You can also run the multitask programs and watch the HD movies since this laptop is featured with HD movie model.

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Dell Chromebook 11 Laptop

Dell Chromebook 11Another laptop under 400 is Dell Chromebook 11. This laptop is slim, functional, stylish, and lightweight. This laptop is perfect and great for those who like creating graphic design. The looks of this laptop is so appealing and the performance is also sufficient to run on middle programs. This computer device preserves the basic computing programs because it is manufactured from the basic specs and features. Nevertheless, this computer device is recommended to buy if you want to have the average laptop for your office work. The laptop is able to run on chatting, surfing, checking email, visiting social media, and the other standard performance of computing. The cost of the laptop is affordable, less than 400 and this is easy and friendly to use.

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Acer Chromebook 15 Under 400 Dollar

Acer Chromebook 15A next computer device that can be bought by users who have limited budget is Acer Chromebook 15. This portable computer is equipped with processor unit: 1.5GHz Intel Celeron 3205U (dual core, 2MB cache) and the processor can run on more than basic computing programs. In addition, this laptop is also featured with Intel HD graphics with Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 resolutions and the graphics enable you to watch HD videos or movies. This portable computer is also completed by 4GB DDR3 RAM that allows your computer device to run on multitasking application and programs. The screen display is large enough and it is 15.6 inches.

In addition, this laptop is featured with SSP storage disk measuring 32 GB. This big capacity of storage disk can be utilized to save many videos and files. This portable computer is also featured with height technology connectivity, like: 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. The weight of this laptop is 4.85 pounds and the dimension is 15.08 inches x 9.65 inches x 0.95 inches. See also best 15 inch laptop

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Microsoft Surface 3 Under 400 Dollar

The Microsoft Surface 3 can be grouped as the hybrid computer device under 400 and this laptop is also the best option of laptops with compact and unique design. This computer device preserves the basic computing needs. However, the dimension of this computer device is quite small and this laptop could carry around easily. This laptop display is only 10.88 inches it is relatively small and you can use this laptop for supporting your office work. Besides that, the weight of this laptop is only 887 g, less than 1 kg. Woww, it is so lightweight. This laptop is really fun and simple to use so that you can bring it anywhere without getting problem.

In addition, this compact and portable laptop is also equipped with the great battery life. This laptop can stand by up to nine hours for running the normal programs. Besides that, this laptop is also featured with core features, such as: screen, keyboards, and connection that are designed creatively. This is also completed with memory slot so you are no need to plug the external card reader to copy-paste your files. This laptop is truly worth investment for those who look for high performance laptop with low budget.

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HP Pavilion 11 Laptop

HP Pavilion 11The sixth laptop with price under 400 is HP Pavilion 11. This portable computer could be utilized not only as a tablet but also as a portable computer. This HP Pavilion is able to be turned into laptop if you connect this device to the keyboard which is attached. You can also take out the keyboard if you want to use this device as a tablet. The screen size is 11 inch and it is sufficient to run the standard program. This laptop is quite lightweight so you can carry around this laptop easily. The memory storage is also big enough so you can beneficiate this big capacity of memory to save a variety of files.

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ASUS F555LA-AB31 Laptop

ASUS F555LA-AB31Another laptop under 400 is ASUS F555LA-AB31. If you want to buy a new laptop but you just have the limited cost. You can buy this ASUS laptop. This laptop is one of the laptops which are categorized as best-seller laptops. The price of this laptop is quite affordable; you can purchase this laptop by spending your money under 400. Even though the cost is quite lower, this laptop will present the best experience of computing and it is manufactured with the spectacular components. This laptop has 15.6 inches display screen. The processor is i3 Intel processor and the RAM capacity is 4GB. Besides that, the memory storage of this laptop is 500GB.

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HP 15z Laptop Under 400

The last best laptop under 400 is HP 15z. This laptop is featured with some advanced features. This processor of this laptop is AMD Dual-Core E1-6015 Processor with AMD Radeon R2 graphics (1GB). The display of this laptop is 15.6 inch and it is also featured with the HD resolution of 1366 by 768. The RAM is 4GB and the storage drive is 1 TB (5400 RPM). This laptop also comes with Microsoft 10 64 bit. This laptop is great investment and deal since the price of this laptop is under 400.


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