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9 Best Laptops for Kids May 2016 (Update)

Selecting and purchasing the best laptops for kids is almost similar to choose the best cars from the teenagers. Actually, the word ‘best’ can have relative term. Best, especially for laptop, can be the laptops which can provide the colorful graphic for streaming of the newest games applications, or it can be the laptops for serious students which preserve the lightweight and durable laptops to support and facilitate their study. As you know, there are some considerations for the parents when they want to choose the laptops for their kids. Before you purchase the laptops, you need to consider the several key questions below.

Key questions before buying right laptops for kids

How old your child? Younger kids usually have the smaller hands and they, of course, need the smaller laptops which are fit sized for their selves. You can pick the smaller display for your kids while your older kids face difficulties when using laptops for kids with 11 up to 13 inches display, for instance. Younger kids usually have the fewer demands of the laptop specs and features. They usually use the laptops for researches, simple games, light schoolwork, and entertainment.

However, they sometimes need the durable and lightweight laptops which can make typical abuse of kids. Older kids or teenagers could bring the larger laptop if they want to have more attractive games, do more general computing needs, and play more attractive games with their laptops. You can purchase the laptops which are suitable with the ages of your kids and the purpose which they would put them.

What will your kids do with their laptops? Before purchasing the best laptops for kids, you need to talk to your kids and you can find out what their plan to do when they have laptops. Do your kids want to have a portable computer just to do their home exercises, keep in touch with their siblings and friend via internet messengers, chat, browse, watch movies or play games on their laptops? If your children want a laptop just to do the basic computing needs, you can buy the standards laptops which provide the average features and performances. On the other hand, if your kids want to play games with their laptops, you need to buy laptops which have the higher performance and features.

Does your kids’ teacher or school recommend the certain type of laptop to use? Several schools have the general rules or requirement for having laptops in order to support their study in the Globalization era. The schools usually give the recommendation in associated with the particular laptops which are suitable with the demands of the teachers. If your kids use a certain laptop in the school, you will be easy to know the type of laptop that your kids should have. Even though your kids’ school recommends the particular laptop, you can also pick the higher specs of the laptops. Do not purchase the laptops that the specs and performance are less capable from the spec requirement of the schools

Basic Considerations of Purchasing Perfect Laptops for Children

Choosing the best laptops may not be easy moreover, choosing the best laptops for kids. There are several aspects which need to take into considerations, than just thinking of the performances and the features. If you are an IT experts or computer lovers, it may not be difficult to purchase the proper laptop for your children. There are many elements which are packed in one unit of laptops and all of the elements should be in the best quality to ensure the performance and durability of the laptops. Of course, when you want to buy laptops, you want to make them durable. Here are some considerations which can be taken if you want to purchase the best laptops for children.

The first consideration of buying best laptops for kids is the laptop size. When parents would like to buy laptops for their children, they should keep in mind of the size of the laptops. Besides that, they are also aware of the weight of the laptops. The size of laptops refers to the size of the screen which is measured across the screen diagonally. You need to remember that younger kids usually need a light laptop. Besides that, they also can use the smaller size of screen. Typically, they can measures from 11 inches up to 13 inches. Older kids can manage the slight heavier portable computers and bigger sizes of the screen.

The second consideration is the processor. The processors of laptops carry out the basic program running instructions on it. The laptops for children can use the type processor of core i3 or the other recent processors. Majority of programs which are run on by the children usually do no need the high demands of the processor hence you can skip upgrade the processor of your kids’ laptop if your children just use their laptops for standard needs. On the other hand, you need to upgrade the processor if your kids want to have a laptop which can be used to edit video and play heavy games.

Another consideration which should be taken if you want to purchase the best laptops for kids is the memory storage. Nowadays, most of laptops are featured with the big space of memory storage. For your children, you can pick up the laptops which have memory storage from 320 GB up to 500 GB. The range of memory capacity is enough for children to store the files, like: documents, films, music, videos, and so on. If your children need more memory space, you can purchase external hard disk to supply more space in your laptops. Today, the price of external hard disk is not too expensive.

The next consideration is durability. Most of younger kids could be hard with their bikes, clothes, and toys. They can also be hard on the laptops too. Because of that reason, you need to take the laptops in the proper areas after used by your kids. You can choose the laptops with the best durability which is sturdy enough. Since laptops are categorized as the electronic devices, it is quite difficult to test or choose the laptops which last longer. You can buy the laptops which have many positive consumer reviews (several laptops for kids will be presented below).

The last consideration is price. Some best laptops for kids are affordable. The lower quality of laptops may be built in simple and less durable whereas the higher quality of laptops may have more cost because the laptops are built from first-rate material and have many advanced features and performance.

Top Nine Laptops for Kids

There are nine laptops which are met the requirements of durability, prices, weight, monitor screen and overall criteria for kids and teens. Older kids may use the type of laptops which are often used by the adults, especially when they are interested of sophisticated games of software, such as: pro evolution soccer 2016 games, need for speed games, video editing software, graphic design software, or the others which need more power of processor and more memory capacity than the standard laptops of the students. Children and teenagers who love gaming should have the high specs and features of laptops. Here are the top nine laptops for kids that can be considered.

Asus Transformer Books Best laptops for Kids

Asus Transformer booksThis laptop offers the great hybrid laptop which has affordable price. Featuring with computing power, this laptop is excellent for teenagers who will use their laptops for entertaining and studying. This laptop is compatible with windows 8.1 and its weight is quite light and portable to bring. The battery life is more than 10 hours. There are also trackpad and keys which can allow you to have great experience of using this laptop. This laptop is also bundled with the student software and Microsoft home. Nevertheless, the keyboards are too smaller when used for the teens and adults.



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Dell Chromebook 11

Dell Chromebook 11Another best laptop for kids is Dell Chromebook with 11 inches screen. This laptop is stylish, slim, functional, lightweight, and slim and it is perfect for the children who usually love the design and looks rather than the performance. This laptop just provides the basic computing needs because this laptop is manufactured with the standard specs. However, this laptop is recommended to be used for younger children. They can run on surfing, chatting, visiting social media, checking email and the other basic needs of computing. The price of the laptop is affordable and it is easy to use.




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Lenovo IdeaPad

Lenovo IdeaPadAnother laptop which is fit for the kids is Lenovo Idea Pad N581. This type of laptop offers type of workhorse laptop which is proper and suitable to be used for the children and kids. This laptop is featured with the touchscreen technology which offers the easy way to operate and run on some programs in their laptop. This laptop is built with the high capacity of storage drive and big random access memory (RAM) which allow your children to do multitasking work in their laptop. Besides that, the speed of processor is high good enough. However, this laptop has the heavier weight if compared with the other laptops for kid.



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Convertible NL4 Classmate

Convertible NL4 ClassmateConvertible NL4 Classmate is also perfect choice to be used for kids at elementary schools and students of middle school. The laptop fits in backpack neatly, and it provides a decent number of computing performance for reasonable money. This laptop is designed especially for the kids and teens. This laptop is used by most of schools and it is compatible with the system of the schools. This laptop is also featured with a lot of educational software and tools. Nevertheless, the keyboard of the laptop is sticky.





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Gateway NE72206u

Gateway NE72206uAnother laptop which is designed for the kids and teens is Gateway NE72206u; this laptop is featured with the large screen which allows your children to watch the movies or videos with the satisfaction. The 17 inches screen display can enable your children to have good gaming experience and of course, it can be used for graphic design. This laptop actually is suitable for the older kids and teens that start interesting of sophisticated software and games. Intended for games and graphic design, this laptop comes with the best processor and big capacity of RAM.



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HP Pavilion 11

HP Pavilion 11Another suitable laptop for kids is HP Pavilion 11. This laptop can be used not only as a portable computer but also as a tablet. It can be turned into laptop when you connect it to the attached keyboard and you can remove the keyboard to be used as a tablet. The size of the screen is 11 inches which is adequate for the kids and teenagers. This laptop is relatively portable because this has light in weight. The memory is also good if we compared with the other laptops at the similar class.



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Acer Aspire V3-571G

Acer Aspire V3-571G

The next laptop for children is Acer Aspire V3-571G. This laptop is inline to be used for kids and children. It comes with Intel Core i5 processor which will allow you to have sophisticated games. Besides that, it is also featured with the adequate amount of RAM which support your children to run on multitask work in your laptop. This laptop can be grouped as one of most affordable laptops which can run heavy games without getting lack of performance. It offers good computing needs both for school and entertains.




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Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5320

Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5320Besides gaming laptop from Acer, there is also Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5320 which offers the great performance and features for the students who look for the multitask laptop. This laptop comes with gaming specs but its price is affordable. The processor of this laptop is AMD dual-core which allows your children to have heavy games. Besides that, it is also equipped with decent amount of memory and VGA card which are suitable not only for school but also for gaming.




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Samsung Series 3 Gamer NP350V5C-T01US

Samsung Series 3 Gamer NP350V5C-T01USThe last best laptop for kids is Samsung Series 3 Gamer NP350V5C-T01US. This laptop is intended for the gamers. This laptop comes with the processor of Intel i7 which make your laptop faster to run on the games. It is also featured with AMD Radeon HD Graphics Card, which can be the positive aspect of the laptop. This laptop can run the 3d games without getting lack of performance. However, this laptop is bit expensive for the kids.



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