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9 Simple Ways How to Increase Laptop Battery Life

Nowadays, we need laptops for almost any task in our daily life. Laptops have become one of important needs for us. However, laptops’ battery might die out too even on your most important days. Yes, we can always charge the battery again. However, what if we can’t find outlet anywhere around us or what if we forget to bring the charger with us? Surely, your laptop will die soon enough. Well, it is not like there is nothing we can’t do except for charging it again. There are actually some simple yet important ways of how to increase laptop battery life. Let us tell you 10 of them here.

Shutting Down Non-Essential Programs

When you are not online, it is best to shut down programs on your laptop that are not that important at the moment. For example, you can shut down programs, like antivirus and firewall. Each program installed on your laptop takes part in draining your battery life. So, if you don’t need them and your laptop is about to die, it is best to shut them down at least till you are done with your business. Shutting them down will help you decrease the battery consumption after all. It might be simple but clearly significant for such thing.

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Unplugging All External USB Devices

As you know, sometimes we plug external devices in our laptop, like mouse, PC card, Wi-Fi, speaker, Bluetooth, iPod, hand phone, etc. through the ports. However, did you know? USB devices are actually the biggest drainers of laptop’s battery life. So, if you need to prolong your battery life urgently, be sure to unplug all external devices you have plugged in your laptop. By doing so, you should see some difference to the battery consumption. There will be no need to give up so soon when your laptop seems to be going to die.

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Taking Out CD/DVD from the Drives

Did you know? Leaving CD/DVD disc in laptop’s driver can also suck battery life of the laptop. Although you don’t intend to use it, the disc will spin when the laptop is turned on. Spinning drive is the very thing that will decrease battery power. That is why don’t make a habit of leaving the disc inside the drive. Be sure to take it out after you are done using the disc. This way, you should be able to maintain long battery life in your laptop. It is one of the simple but significant ways to do so. So, pay attention to this matter in your laptop.

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Lowering the Screen’s Brightness

Low BrightnessThis is one thing that most people are already aware of. Yes, the brightness of the screen can affect the laptop’s battery life. To be exact, the brighter the screen, the more it decreases battery power. So, one of the ways of how to increase laptop battery life, is to lower the screen’s brightness. This way, you should be able to get your laptops to stay up for more minutes. You can still keep up with what you are doing and finish it before the laptop’s battery really dies out. This simple way can be so handy in some important times, you see.

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Avoiding Using Any Sound in It

Other than the brightness, you should pay attention to the use of sound in the laptop. If you want to increase your laptop’s battery power, it is best to not turn the speaker on, listen to the music, or watch movies. Furthermore, if you install sound schemes on your laptop too, it will also drain the laptop’s battery life. So, if you are doing your task and the battery is about to die out, it is only wise for you to mute the laptop’s speaker. This way, you will block any sound usage from whichever multimedia software you have on laptop.

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Switching Off Laptop’s Screensaver

Did you have your screensaver switched on? If so, there is a need for you to know that this act is also one of the things that will decrease battery life in laptop. Switching on screensaver is no more than changing the screen display with moving image. It is fine if you have lots of battery life, have charger with you, and are near outlet or at home. However, it won’t do you any good switching it on when you are outside with no charger and outlet around. Thus, for emergency time, it is certainly best to switch it off at least for the time being.

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Choosing Hibernate Over Sleep Mode

Sometimes, we do need to close laptop yet we don’t want the current state to be closed. For example, you have opened some important browser tabs. It would be such a pain to search for them again if we turn off the laptop, right? Yes, we can choose sleep mode to solve this problem. However, sleep mode only turns off the hard drive and the display, but not the memory. This is the very thing that drains battery life. To save more battery, it is best to choose hibernate mode that shuts down completely while keeping current state.

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Keeping the Air Vents Clean Regularly

You might never think about this before. However, you should have known that blocked air vents can make the laptop generate more heat. Making laptop generating the heat is the thing that will drain your battery. So, keeping the cleanliness of the laptop’s air vents plays pretty important role in increasing battery life. Cleaning the vents regularly is not the only thing you should do though. You will also need to allow open space for them when using the laptop so that it has good air circulation and avoids dust building up inside laptop.

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Doing Some Regular Updates on Laptop

The last way we recommend here is not meant to do for urgent times. It is better done when you are not in such situation. You see, doing updates on the software and drivers on your laptop regularly might just be one of the best ways of how to increase laptop battery life. The newer the software and driver, the more efficient they can be. So, you can expect for them to demand less power from the laptop’s battery life. When you have the time, be sure to do some regular updates to them so that your laptop can stay long for you.

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