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ASUS K501UX 15 inch Gaming Laptop 8GB RAM Core i7 Processors

Playing game in computer has become a favorite game since long time ago, moreover for playing a High Definition game online. This game is purposely created for having a new experience playing with people in different country, or even nationalities. This becomes more interesting because you can find many new people which are not played by system, but the real human. The communication feature in very game online is one of the reasons that, these days, lots of people playing game online. However, to play this kind of game, you need a high specification computer or Laptop. You don’t only need a huge RAM for playing a HD game, but also a proper VGA and good processor. Besides, there are also many other things that you need on your Laptop or personal computer for playing a HD game like is ASUS K501UX.

Now, you don’t need to confuse yourselves in looking and finding a proper Laptop for playing HD games. ASUS K501UX, as the new product produced by ASUS, can be your solution for having a great experience in playing HD games. This ASUS K501UX is the latest product that is purposely created for game’s addict users. This Laptop is powered by 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 processors and for a turbo version; it can be up to 3.1 GHz. For a memory of the Laptop, ASUS uses a quite huge memory, which is 8 GB RAM and 256GB of Solid State Drive or SDD. Even though the storage of this Laptop is not that big, SDD focuses more on the speed of transferring data and moving some files. For having a great gaming experience, of course the Laptop also needs a good VGA in it. ASUS uses NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M 2GB DDR3 graphic cards, which is supported by 15.6- inch FHD screen. As an introduction, from that brief information, you can sum up that the specification that ASUS K501UX has is quite good for an entry level gaming laptop under 1000.

Talking about the design, ASUS still uses the same theme as the previous products that are covered by brushed aluminum. However, one thing that makes this ASUS K501UX a bit different is the color of the cover. ASUS chooses more sporty color for the presence type of Laptop, like classy dark blue, and any similar other type of colors. Compared to other products Laptop with level specifications, this product is much thinner and lighter than them. Measuring 10.0 by 15.0 by 0.9-inches and weighing 4.4 pounds, this Laptop looks more easy going to bring wherever you want to. The flexibility of this product is the main strength that ASUS offers to the customers, moreover for those game addicts that often play game wherever they are.

ASUS K501UX Performance

ASUS K501UX 15 inch Gaming LaptopIn the introduction, this article has explained that to have a great experience in playing HD games, the Laptop that you will use need to have a huge RAM, VGA and also a good processor work in it. This ASUS K501UX proudly present to all of you that this Laptop has a great combination of those three things, that are 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7-6500U processors, 8 GB of memory and a discrete NVIDIA GTX950M graphics card with 2 GB DD3 RAM. These three combinations produce a good enough performance for a netbook’s class. While the other netbooks focuses on working, presenting, browsing, and typing, this netbook from ASUS is prepared for those game addicts. With these three combinations also you can add some heavy applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel, and any other applications without getting slow in multi-tasking. The speed of moving from one application to another application, startup, and shutting down is very fast that it is much better than any other netbook on earth. These benefits that you can get come from those three combinations, moreover for the Sixth Generation (Skylake) 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7-6500U processors.

Talking about the performance of this Laptop, first thing first, we can take a look from the processor. The use of Core i7 is a good choice for this Laptop. However this processor comes with dual core CPU clocked with hyper threading which is of course it will be not good if you compare it with the quad core ones. It means, for pushing it to be used in extreme running applications of extreme times, the performance will be slower than usual. But, if you use this Laptop in a proper time and do not run too many applications in one time, this core i7 processor can work better even if you compare it to the quad core ones. Compared with the other ASUS products that have almost the same specification, this ASUS K501UX is much better in every way.


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Other Specifications of Asus K501UX

Another thing that is being discussed by some Laptop users is the storage in ASUS K501UX. The storage that is offered by ASUS in this type is not that big, which is only 256 GB. As we know that some applications nowadays will take lots of spaces in the storage and of course some people will think that 256 GB storage will not be enough for saving all of those things. In this case, ASUS does it in a purpose, which is even though the harddisk is not that big as others, ASUS try to give the best service to the customers by giving them a solid state drive (SSD) version. The strength of this SSD is that this hard disk can transfer files, moving media much faster and smoother than the common hard disk. This is the main mission that ASUS tries to give to the customers by giving a high quality SDD that can help the users in moving, placing and transferring data and files.

For the memory of the Laptop, ASUS tries to give the best that they can do by offering 8 GB RAM for the Laptop. 4 GB appears on board memory and another one is replaceable. It means, you can change of those RAMs with the bigger one, for example 4 GB on board and 8 GB RAM that you add, meaning now you can have 12 GB RAM on this Laptop. For a budget gaming Laptop, these specifications are categorized as the best one in their class


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Asus K501UX Specification Table






Operating System

Windows 10

Screen Size

15.6 inches


2.5 GHz Core i7 6500U



Hard Drive

256 GB flash_memory_solid_state

Graphics Coprocessor

Nvidia GTX950M 2GB GDDR3


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