6 Best Sony Laptop October 2016

Laptop comes from different brands. One of the most popular brands is Sony. You can find so many products of laptop from Sony available in the market today. However, you cannot choose it carelessly because different laptops may have different specs. You should adjust it to your needs. To get the best Sony laptop, you should pay attention to the screen size, processor, storage, and other factors. To ease you to choose it, here are the most recommended options for you.

VAIO SVF 15N26CXB Best Sony Laptop

This can be one of the best laptops from Sony available in this year. It comes with 15.5 inch screen that makes you comfortable using it. This screen applies Full HD display so that the display quality is great where it can produce 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution. Even more, it is also featured with NVIDIA GeForce GT735 Graphics that comes with 2GB. So, you can use it comfortably for playing games, watch films, play videos, see photos, etc.

This laptop is also powerful because it uses Intel Core i7 4500U processor. This processor is able to generate great performance. So, you can use it for multitasking, gaming and other purposes well. The speed is also very high so that the system will run fast and smoothly. To create the great experience in using this laptop, it comes with Windows 8.1 for the operating system. That is why it is very enjoyable. Best windows 8 laptop

You can also enjoy the storage memory offered. The first memory is the RAM where it has 8 GB capacity. With this spacious RAM, you are allowed to install many apps you want. It can also make this laptop able to run smoothly even though you use it for multitasking. If you want to save your files in this laptop, you can use its 1 TB hard disk drive. It also has additional storage that is 16 GB solid state drive.

Sony VAIO SVF15A18CXB Laptop

This is the second option to buy. If you buy this laptop, you will not be disappointed because of some reasons. It comes with 15.5 inch screen that applies Touchscreen tech. So, it can make you more excited to use it. This 15 inch laptop also applies NVIDIA GeForce GT 735M Graphics that can produce high image quality. So, you can enjoy everything on this laptop. The black chases also make it much more interesting and elegant. Best laptop for graphic design

You will know how powerful it is after you see the processor. This 15 inch laptop is powered by Intel Core i7 3537U processor. With this processor, you can play games, watch films, edit photos, and any other activities you need. It is also good for you who do not like slow speed because it offers 2.0 GHz processor speed. So, the system will not slow down even though it is used for multitasking.

There are three kinds of storage memory offered. The first is the RAM that comes with 12 GB capacity. It is very spacious so that it will run smoothly even though you install many apps and games in this laptop. The second storage memory is hard drive that has 1 TB capacity. So, you do must not worry if you need to save many files on your laptop. Lastly, it is equipped with 8 GB of Solid State Drive that is very useful.

Sony VAIO E Series SVE1513JCXW Laptop

This Sony laptop is also recommended to buy. Comes with white chases, it looks very elegant. That is why there are many people who are interested in it. Combined with black screen frame, it enhances the look. This laptop is appropriate for many uses because it comes with 15 inch screen. So, you can use it for playing games, see pictures, etc comfortably. Besides that, the back light keyboard makes it comfortable to use.

There are many features applied on this 15 inch laptop. One of them is webcam that allows you to capture pictures and record moments freely using this laptop. The result is also clear because of the high image quality. You can also use its DVD RW. So, you can play films from DVD connected to this laptop. And there are still many other interesting features that you can enjoy from this laptop.

Sony VAIO E Series is reasonable to be considered as the best Sony laptop in this year because it offers great performance. In this case, you need to thank to its processor used where it comes with Intel Core i5 2450M processor. Besides that, this laptop can also run the system fast with its 2.5 GHz processor speed. It also has 8 GB RAM that makes it able to be used for multitasking smoothly. If you want to save files, you can use 320 GB hard disk equipped on this laptop.

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Sony VAIO Pro SVP1321DCXS 13 Inch Laptop

Compared to the previous options, it is not as wide as them. However, this can be one of the best choices for you. It only has 13 inch screen but it can be used as comfortable as the other widescreen Sony laptops. Even more, you can enjoy its Touch screen technology to give you great experience. At a glance, this laptop is very attractive with its Carbon Silver chases combined with black screen frame. That is why it has many buyers.

This 13 inch laptop is good for many purposes because it is powered by Intel Core i7 4500U. This processor is able to generate great performance including for gaming, video editing, and other hard uses. It will also not slow down even though you use it for multitasking because it offers 1.80 GHz processor speed. For the operating system, you can enjoy this laptop with Windows 8 OS. Anyway, this laptop is very enjoyable.

There are also 2 kinds of storage memory offered in this laptop. The first is the RAM that comes with 8 GB capacity. This is a spacious RAM that allows you to install many apps and games. Besides that, it also offers 128 GB of Solid State Drive where you are allowed to save many files in it including videos, films, songs, photos, games, and any other files. Anyway, the specs are satisfying enough so that you will not be disappointed buying this. Best laptop for Photo editing

Sony VAIO T Series SVT13138CXS

This is the next choice for you. It also comes with 13 inch screen that is ideal enough for everyone. Besides, it also applies Touch screen tech to add the comfort. It will also make this laptop more enjoyable. The silver chases combined with black screen frame so that it looks very attractive. Anyway, the design is satisfying enough. You can carry it in your bag easily.

If you like traveling, this laptop is also appropriate for you because you can use it wireless longer. The battery life can last up to 5 hours or more depending on how you use it. For the operating system, it uses Windows 8 that gives you exciting experience in using this 13 inch laptop. This laptop also comes with Intel HD Graphics 4000 to provide high quality images. So, you will be able to enjoy watching films, playing videos, see pictures, etc on this laptop.

For the performance, there is no one who is doubt of it. It relates to the processor and speed used by this 13 laptop. For your information, this laptop is powered by Intel Core i7 3537U. This is a powerful processor that can provide great performance. So, you should not worry if you want to use it for multitasking including for gaming. Besides that, it also comes with 2.0 GHz processor speed so that it will not slow down to run the heavy systems. Best high performance laptop

In relation to the storage memory, it is also satisfying where it is equipped with 2 kinds of spacious storage memory. Firstly, you need to thank to its 8 GB RAM because it allows you to install many apps and games without slowing down the performance. Besides that, it also has 256 solid state drive where it can be used to save your important files such as games, photos, videos, songs, etc.

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Sony VAIO Fit Series SVF14218CXB

Another best option that I can share is Sony VAIO Fit Series SVF14218CXB. This laptop comes with 14 inch screen. It is good for many purposes. So, the buyers come from various professions including students, teachers, businessmen, etc. Comes with black chases, it looks really elegant. It adds the attractiveness of this laptop. In addition, it also applies Touch enables screen to make it much more comfortable and enjoyable. Best 14 inch Laptop

If you prioritize the performance, this laptop can also meet your need. In fact, Intel Core i7 3537U can be considered as one of the best processors because it can provide powerful performance. Even more, this processor also has high speed to optimize the performance. Therefore, this 14 inch laptop is good for gaming, working, and other purposes you want. Best i7 Laptop

You are also offered by spacious storage. It has 8 GB RAM to install games and apps. It also keeps this laptop smooth to run many apps at the same time. Lastly, it offers 1 TB hard drive. It is very spacious to save your files. Based on the review above, I can say that it is reasonable to be considered as the best Sony laptop.

Last update was on: November 15, 2017 8:55 pm
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